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How do I connect to a delegate organisation during set up?

A delegate organisation is a third party organisation which can help you with the administration of your NEST account. This could be an accountant, independent financial adviser or a third party payroll provider. To add a delegate organisation you’ll need to have the delegate organisation’s name and their NEST ID.

This means the delegate organisation will need to create their own NEST account before you can give them access to your account.

To add a delegate organisation while completing the set up of your NEST account, click ‘Add more users – optional’ after you’ve completed task 2 of the setup process.

If you’re returning to complete the set up later click ‘Add delegates’ in task 3.

Click ‘Add a new delegate’.

Select ‘Add organisation’.

Enter the name of the organisation you’d like to add exactly as it would appear on the delegate organisation’s account and enter the organisation’s NEST ID.

Once you’ve entered the name of the organisation and their NEST ID, click ‘Find organisation’.

If you’ve entered the correct details, the name of the organisation will appear. Click ‘Confirm’ if the details are correct.

You’ll need to select the level of access you’d like to give the delegate organisation. Each user within a delegate organisation will get the same level of access that you’ve assigned to the organisation.

When you’ve chosen their level of access, click ‘Submit’.

You’ll see a summary of all the details you’ve entered. If all the details are correct click ‘Confirm’.

Once you’ve added an organisation as a delegate to your account, they’ll receive a notification to their secure NEST mailbox to tell them that they have access to your account.

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