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Who do I need to enrol?

You’ll have to do a formal assessment of your workers to understand exactly who you’ll need to enrol. You shouldn’t enrol any workers before you’ve assessed them. Auto enrolment only applies to certain workers, depending on their age and earnings.

To be automatically enrolled, a worker must be aged at least 22 and under their State Pension age and earning over £10,000 for the tax year 2024/25. You’ll need to adjust this annual figure as per the pay periods whether weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly when you carry out the actual assessment of your workforce. You’ll need to base your assessment on the pay period you are assessing the worker in. For those workers who are eligible for auto enrolment, you’ll need to make sure they are enrolled within six weeks from the date they become eligible or from your deferred date if you’re using a waiting period also known as postponement.

For help with working out who you need to enrol, or more information about auto enrolment, visit The Pensions Regulator website.

The table below shows the earnings thresholds for automatic enrolment to reflect the frequency of the pay periods.

Pay periods Earnings trigger for auto enrolment
Weekly and Tax weekly £192
Fortnightly £384
Four weekly £768
Monthly and Tax monthly £833

You’ll need to keep assessing all your workers who are not auto enrolled in the pension scheme, including new joiners, every pay period to check if they’re eligible to be automatically enrolled, except those who have chosen to opt-out.

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you can start enrolling your workers.

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