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How do I create a de-enrolment file?

You can de-enrol an employee if you have enrolled them accidentally or with an incorrect start date or enrolment type.

Step 1 – download the CSV file.

  • Download the Nest template by clicking CSV templates (ZIP).
  • Open the folder ‘NEST CSV templates’.
  • Open the file ‘CSV_converter_enrol_workers’.
  • Once the file is open, click ‘Enable Content’ to enable macros and then click on the ‘Data’ tab at the bottom of the sheet.

Step 2 – Enter your details.

  • Enter your Nest employer reference number starting with EMP.
  • Select the 'Process type' as 'DE - for Enrolment Cancellation' from the drop down.
  • Enter 'Total number of member records', that is the number of employees to be de-enrolled.

  • Enter the details for the employees you want to de-enrol: 
  1. Surname
  2. Date of birth
  3. National Insurance (NI) number or alternative unique identifier (if NI number is unavailable)
  4. Gender 
  • You can find the employee’s details from the ‘Manage workers’ area of your Nest homepage.

Step 3 – Create your file.

  • Click ‘Generate file’ and save the file on your desktop in CSV format.
  • Please do not open the file after saving as this may corrupt the file.

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