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What date should I use to re-enrol my workers?

Your first re-enrolment date is set as three years from your staging date or duty start date. However, you’ll have the flexibility to choose any date either three months before or after that date to fit around your normal business processes. You can’t use a postponement period for re-enrolment, but you have the flexibility to choose your own re-enrolment date within a six month window.

You can only choose one re-enrolment date and this date will apply to all of your workers who are eligible to be re-enrolled. From this date you’ll need to start making contributions to their pension pots.

It’s a good idea to choose a date that aligns with your payroll, so your chosen re-enrolment date matches the start date of a pay period, also known as an earnings period. If you’re using a payroll software provider you’ll need to check they’re ready to process these new contribution payments for you.

All eligible workers need to be re-assessed on the date you choose.

You’ll need to inform your eligible workers within six weeks of their re-enrolment into Nest and the date you plan to use.

You can use our statutory information at your re-enrolment date template to inform your workers. While our templates can help you to meet your legal duty, the responsibility rests with you to ensure the statements and dates are correct and the notices are sent to the right people.

Immediate re-enrolment applies where you do something due to which an eligible jobholder stops being an active member of a qualifying pension scheme. Example: Incorrect de-enrolling a member, marking them as leaver, etc.

If this happens you need to re-enrol them immediately, rather than waiting for the three-year point.

Declare your compliance with TPR: even if you find you don’t have any eligible staff to re-enrol, you’ll still need to re-declare your compliance with TPR by completing a re-declaration of compliance, formerly known as re-registration. You must complete your re-declaration within five months of the third anniversary of your duties start date or staging date if this is your first re-declaration, or your previous re-enrolment date for subsequent re-declarations.

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has detailed guidance on re-enrolment, you can find more information on The Pensions Regulator website.

Re-enrolling your workers into Nest: To re-enrol eligible workers into Nest you’ll need to follow the same steps you do when you automatically enrol someone.

You can re-enrol them into Nest on different dates if you’d like to but the ‘start date’ you enter for all of them must always be your chosen re-enrolment date. A ‘start date’ is when a worker’s enrolment into Nest is effective.

You must have completed all your re-enrolments within six weeks of your re-enrolment date to comply with your legal duties.

It’s a good idea to choose a re-enrolment date that aligns with your payroll, so the start date you enter when you enrol your workers into Nest matches the start of a pay period, also known as an earnings period. Doing this should make it easier when you come to pay your first set of contributions for your re-enrolled workers.

If you have more than one pay frequency it may not be possible to choose a date that matches the start of all of the relevant pay periods. If this is the case and your chosen date falls within a worker’s pay period, not at the start of it, you’ll only be paying contributions to cover part of that period, starting from the re-enrolment date. So when you come to pay your first set of contributions you’ll need to adjust the earnings you declare for them to cover that part of the period only. There’s more information about part period pension contributions in TPR’s guidance on re-enrolment.

If you’re a third party, such as an accountant or financial adviser, helping your clients with re-enrolment please see TPR’s guidance for advisers.

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