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Where can I download a NEST template to create a CSV file?

We provide templates to create CSV files in Microsoft Excel. These will help you to get your information in the right format and it’s less likely there will be errors in your file. It’s important to complete the contribution information using the set format otherwise we won’t be able to process the file you send. You can find our templates and files in NEST CSV templates and XSD files (ZIP) or you can create your own CSV file if you prefer. If you’re using a third party payroll provider, they may provide the files for you.

There’s more information on how to create your own files in the Employer payroll guide (PDF). You can also test your files using the NEST file tester (ZIP) to see if there are any formatting errors.

Once you’re ready to complete your contribution schedule, log into your online NEST account and click ‘Manage contributions’ from your home page. This will take you to the area where you can view and correct your paid contribution schedules as well as manage your due or overdue schedules.

Select the arrow under the heading Edit/Pay beside the contribution schedule you wish to work on and select ‘Upload file’.

Select ‘Templates’ for adding contribution details.

You’ll see an Excel template with four tabs at the bottom. The ‘Read Me’ tab explains in detail how to complete the CSV file.

Once you’ve read through, you can click on the ‘Data’ tab. This is where you can enter the earnings and contribution information for your members.

You’ll need to make sure the macros are enabled in the Excel file. How you do this will depend on the type of computer you’re using and the security settings. Generally, you’ll be able to see a Security Warning yellow banner across the top of the page where you can click ‘Enable Content’ to enable the macros.

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