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What is an exception schedule?

There may be times when you need to make a payment for a member over and above what’s included on a regular contribution schedule. For example, you might need to do this if you’ve accidently underpaid contributions for a member over several contribution schedules.

In certain circumstances, you can create an exception schedule as and when you need it and include as many members you need to make additional payments for. You shouldn’t use an exception schedule for your regular payments. Your regular payments should be paid through your contribution schedules. Exception schedules should only be used when you’re unable to make a contribution for a member through your contribution schedules.

For example, in April you find that you needed to pay more than the minimum contributions for a member that hasn’t been included in two regular contribution schedules for February and March. The contributions for the two months can be completed as one payment through an exception schedule.

You might need to use an exception schedule if:

  • you wish to pay more than the upper contribution level you’ve set but don’t wish to change your group settings
  • you need to make contributions for a member who’s left your employment
  • you’ve enrolled a member later than you should have and need to make an additional contribution for them
  • you’re reconciling the amounts paid for a member within a tax year and discover they’re less than the legal minimum annual amount
  • you need to make a payment that isn’t associated with a particular pay period, payment source or due date.

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