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How do I set a future payment date?

If you’re using Direct Debit, each time you submit a contribution schedule you’ll be able to pick a future payment date for it, unless you’re within five working days of the payment due date. Doing this will allow you to schedule your payments and submit your contribution schedule in one go and avoid late payments.

Once you’ve validated all the members in the contribution schedule, click ‘Submit schedule’. You’ll see two options:

  • Pay now
  • Pay later

Select ‘Pay later’ and click ‘Confirm’. On the next screen you’ll see a calendar and the last date you can pick for a future payment date. You can select any date between three working days from the present day and one working day before the payment due date of the schedule.

Once you’ve selected the future payment date, click ‘Confirm’.

On the Manage your contribution schedules page, you’ll see a dot below Future payment date for the submitted schedule. This indicates that a future payment date has been set.

Once it has been set, you can change the date if it is outside three working days. To do this, click the ‘Edit/Pay’ arrow next to the schedule you wish to change and then click ‘Edit’. Here you’ll be able to see up to the last date you can select.

You’ll need to select the new date from the calendar. Once you’ve selected the date, click ‘Confirm’.

The payment will then be collected on the new date selected.

You can also cancel the future payment date if you’ve selected it incorrectly. To do this click ‘Edit/Pay’ arrow for the schedule and then click ‘Cancel’.

On the next screen click ‘Confirm’. You’ll see a confirmation message as shown below.

While making the payment again please ensure that you click ‘Submit schedule’ at least 5 working days before the payment due date to avoid late payments.

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