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How do I add a new payment source once I’ve set up with NEST?

Click ‘Manage payment sources’ from your NEST home page.

You’ll have the option to click ‘Create a copy’ or ‘Add another source’. If you choose to create a copy of a payment source you’ve already set up you can edit the details you wish to change. To add a new separate payment source click ‘Add another source’.

We’ll ask you the name you’d like to give to the payment source. The name you choose must be used when enrolling workers and processing contribution information and you may need to enter it in your payroll software or your payroll provider’s system if you’re using a third party payroll provider.

Direct Debit will be the default payment method if you click on ‘Add another source’. You can click on ‘See all payment method options’ to choose a different payment method.

You’ll need to provide us with bank or building society details if you’d like to make payments using Direct Debit.

If you’re providing bank account details please remember they must be for a valid UK bank account.

Refunds will be sent to the bank or building society account you’ve used for paying contributions. If you wish to receive refunds in a different account click on ‘use a different account for refunds’.

Once you’ve competed all the information, click ‘Done’.

Your new payment source will now be listed alongside your other payment sources.

You can now use this new payment source to make contributions for your members. If the members are already enrolled into NEST and you wish to use the new payment source to pay their contributions you’ll need to move them to the new payment source. You can do this online or by file upload from ‘Manage contributions’ on your NEST home page.

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