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How can I de-enrol a member by File transfer?

You can upload larger CSV files and XML files using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The SFTP method is more suitable for employers with a large workforce or those with systems already set up to use SFTP.

If you’re using a CSV file to transfer by SFTP, you might find it quicker and easier to use CSV templates and XSD files (ZIP).This will help you ensure your information is in the right format. If you’d prefer to create your own CSV file from scratch though you can do.

If you’re using an XML file to transfer by SFTP, it must conform to the data format shown in our contributions XSD file. This XSD file will help you make sure your information is in the right format. If you send data in the wrong format your file will be rejected.

For more information about file formats and what information you need to enter you can also refer to our Employer payroll guide (PDF).

Once you’ve prepared your XML or CSV file you can use the NEST file tester to see if the file has any formatting errors.

Once you’ve completed and checked your file you’ll need to send this to NEST using your SFTP client. Open your SFTP client and enter your username and password. You’ll see a list of folders. You should place your contribution file in the folder ‘Inbox Mailbox’ in the NEST file gateway.

If you place inbound files into any other folder we won’t be able to process them.

We’ll check the file and check that all information has been provided. We’ll then process and validate the file.

The time this takes will depend on the number of workers included in the file. Files are processed in batches between 8am and 6pm, seven days a week. If a file of fewer than 1,000 records is uploaded at 6.01pm, processing may not be completed until 10am the following day.

It takes the same time to process de-enrolment files as it does for enrolments. You can find more information on processing times in How long does it take to process a worker’s enrolment?

In addition we’ll send your worker a letter confirming their enrolment has been cancelled.

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