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What does Employer duties are being fulfilled elsewhere mean?

If you decide to use a different qualifying pension scheme to pay contributions for one or some of your workers you can let NEST know through your contribution schedule. If you’re no longer using NEST for any of your workers you can let NEST know by choosing to stop using NEST. Please see How do I stop using NEST? for more information on this.

Using the reason No Further Contributions Payable on your contribution schedule lets us know that you don’t need to make contributions through NEST for a member or a group of members anymore. Only choose this reason from the dropdown list means if you’re meeting your legal duties through a different qualifying workplace pension, outside of the NEST scheme.

This could happen if you use more than one pension provider for your organisation. For example, you may have separate schemes for different workers in your organisation and workers may qualify for the non-NEST scheme through a change in their job.

You could also be using NEST as an entry-level scheme where there is an existing scheme with a waiting period or running NEST as a base scheme with another scheme to top up contributions.

Using No Further Contributions payable on your contribution schedule as a reason for not making contributions for a member isn’t the same as saying they’ve left employment or have opted out. Once you’ve told us you’re meeting your duties elsewhere for a member, it can’t be undone so it’s a good idea to check the other scheme is a qualifying scheme with The Pensions Regulator (TPR) before you submit this change to ensure you’re meeting your legal duties.

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