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How do I inform Nest a member has opted out?

Members can opt out online or by calling us or through a paper form. Members who choose to opt out by paper form must contact us via phone or email to request the form, complete and return it to you within their opt-out period. You’ll only need to inform us if a member wants to opt out through paper form and you can do this from a contribution schedule.

The form contains statutory information and includes a unique reference number, which you’ll need in order to process their request. Please see How do workers opt out of Nest?

Once you’ve received the completed opt-out form, click ‘Manage contributions’ or ‘Contributions’ from your Nest home page.

In Manage contributions, find the earliest unpaid schedule that includes the member and click on the orange arrow under Edit/Pay.

You can search the member who’s opting out by their Last name, NI number and Alt. ID. Once you’ve found the member click ‘Options’.

When you click ‘Options’, you’ll see the Contribution options for this period drop-down menu. You’ll need to select ‘Member has opted out’ and enter the unique opt-out reference number found on the opt-out form.

After both fields are completed, tick the box that confirms the member has submitted the form to you within their opt-out period.

Click ‘Done’ and you’ll be taken back to the main schedule and the member status will show as Member validated.

You can complete the rest of the contribution schedule and select ‘Submit schedule’ when you’re ready. We can’t process the opt-out request until you’ve done this.

Once the contribution schedule is submitted the member will show as No contributions due and there’ll be a message displayed in ‘Manage workers’ reading Opt out in progress.

We’ll send them a confirmation that their request has been processed successfully.

You can stop deducting contributions from the member. If you’ve sent any contributions to us, they’ll be refunded within 10 working days and you must return the member contributions to the member. We’ll send a message to your secure mailbox, which will have a breakdown of any refunds to help you reconcile your payments. Please see How will I receive refunds for members who’ve opted out? for more information.

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