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What is the start date and enrolment date on the worker’s record?

The start and enrolment date may not be the same, as they have different definitions.

Start date: 

This is the date you give us when you enrol a new worker into Nest. It is when the worker joins your organisation, or they become eligible for auto-enrolment. This is when you’re legally required to begin making contributions for them. If you’re unable to pay contributions from the start date added, you’ll need to give us a reason or you may receive a late payment notice.

You can’t enter a start date that is in the future, it can either be a date from the past or current date. It’s important to enter the correct start date as you can’t amend it after workers are enrolled. If you enter a date that’s too early, we’ll expect contributions before you’re legally required to provide them. If you enter a date that’s too late, you may miss making the contributions that you’re legally required to pay. If you’ve entered an incorrect start date, you’ll need to de-enrol the worker then re-enrol them with the correct details.

Enrolment date:

This is the date when you enrol your worker into the Nest scheme and this could be up to six weeks after your worker’s start date. Their opt out period starts three working days later and lasts for one calendar month.

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