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What if I don’t have all the worker’s details or make a mistake?

You can enrol a worker if you have all their details and should make every effort to find the information before enrolling them. You can enrol a worker without a National Insurance number however, you’ll need to provide an alternative identifier for these workers. Once the worker provides their National Insurance (NI) number you’ll need to update it on your Nest account. After updating the NI number you’ll need to let us know if the worker is eligible for tax relief by changing their tax relief eligibility status from No to Yes. Please see How will I know which workers are eligible for tax relief? for more information. You have a legal obligation to provide us with correct details. You can usually update an incorrect National Insurance number at any time from the ‘Manage workers’ tab of your Nest account. If we receive a corrected National Insurance number for any worker from HMRC it’ll be automatically updated on the account.

You can make changes to member’s details if they haven't logged in to their account. If the member activates their online account, you won’t be able to make any changes to their personal details and the member will need to contact us. Please see How do I edit a worker’s personal details? for more information on updating member’s details. There are several implications to providing incorrect information to begin with.

The table below has some examples of how you and the member can be affected if the information isn’t correct:

Box Common errors Why it’s important to provide the correct details


Mr. when it should be Mrs.

If you enrol a member with an incorrect title and gender, the member may need to provide evidence to update the correct information.

First name, Middle name, Last name

Misspelled names, first name and surname the wrong way round

We’ll set the member’s account up using the details you send so they’ll receive communications that include the incorrect information. Also, when a member comes to take their money out of Nest, they need to provide evidence of their identity. If any part of a member’s name is incorrect and doesn’t match their documentation, the member will need to correct the mistake before being able to access their money.

Date of birth

Incorrect date, incorrect month, incorrect year

When a member begins activating their online account, they need to provide their date of birth and Nest ID. If the date of birth they enter doesn’t match the one on our records, the member won’t be able to activate their account.
Providing an incorrect date of birth would affect the member’s ability to opt out online or by telephone.
Providing an incorrect year would also mean the member would be placed in the wrong Retirement Date Fund.

Worker’s National Insurance (NI) number

Missing or incorrect NI number

An incorrect or missing NI number won’t allow the member to activate their online account. It’ll also affect their ability to opt out online or by telephone.


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