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How do I read my messages in my secure NEST mailbox?

To read a message in your secure mailbox, click ‘Mailbox’ on the home page of your NEST online account. To read the message you’ll need to click the subject title of the message. You can also preview certain messages in your Inbox before opening it by clicking the eye icon. This doesn’t mark the message as read.

Click the message subject to open the message. Each message will contain a letter and may include an excel attachment with additional information. There are two ways to see letters in your mailbox. You can either open them in a ‘PDF’ file or you can ‘Preview’ the letter which will load in a separate screen.

You’ll also have the option to download the full message as an attachment from the ‘Preview’ screen.

If we need to send you any information such as refund details, we’ll attach these files in a separate Excel spreadsheet.

After you’ve read the message, you’ll have several options available. You can:

  • print the message – attachments must be opened and printed separately
  • reply to the message
  • navigate back to your inbox.

You can also move the messages which we send to you into one of the three folders:

  • priority
  • archive
  • trash.

You may wish to use the priority folder for important messages that you want to work on.

We send the most common letters to your NEST secure mail box as a message rather than an attachment. You can open the mail and read the message instead of downloading the attachment.

When you’ve read the message, there’s a choice of actions you can take. You can click reply, move the message to another folder or you can print it for your reference.

By clicking ‘Back to inbox’ button the message is marked as read and allows you to move the message to another folder.

Tick the box next to the envelope icon if you want to move the messages. The three folder options above the inbox will be highlighted in orange. You can move multiple messages at once by ticking several boxes.

When you archive a message or move a message to your trash folder, you won’t be able to move the message to any other folder. However you’ll still have access to these messages.

There isn’t an option to delete messages from your NEST mailbox, unless the message is a ‘draft’.

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