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How do I add or change my nominated beneficiary?

It’s important to let us know who you would like to receive your Nest retirement pot if you die before taking your money out of Nest.

  • You can add or edit your nominated beneficiaries by logging in to your online account.
  • Click ‘Add beneficiaries’ in Your beneficiaries on your dashboard.

  • To add a new beneficiary, click ‘Make a nomination’.

  • Then click ‘Add new beneficiary’.

  • You’ll need to add details such as name, relationship with you and the address for the person, charity, trust or other organisation who you want to add as a nominated beneficiary.
  • You’ll also need to include the percentage of the pot value you’d like to give them. The total pot value allocated to the beneficiaries should add to 100 per cent.
  • Click ‘Manage’ under Your beneficiaries on your dashboard.

  • You can now add, edit or remove your beneficiaries. 
  • To add a new nominated beneficiary, click ‘Add new beneficiary’. 
  • If you’d like to edit any details of your current nominated beneficiary, click ‘Edit’.
  • To remove a nominated beneficiary, click ‘Delete’.

  • If you’ve chosen to nominate beneficiaries, you can change to an expression of wish.
  • If you select this option, all your nominated beneficiaries will become beneficiaries on your expression of wish form and you won’t be able to change them back to nominated beneficiaries in future.
  • The choice you make can affect whether inheritance tax is payable. To find out more about inheritance tax visit the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website.
  • From Your nominated beneficiaries page click ‘Change to expression of wish’.

  • If you’d like to change your nominated beneficiaries and submit an expression of wish, complete the declaration and click ‘Confirm’.

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