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What is a delegate?

A delegate is someone you’ll provide access to your Nest online account to manage it for you.

There are two types of delegates:

  • a delegate organisation – a third party you’ve authorised to help you set up or manage your Nest account for you, for example your accountant or financial advisor
  • an individual delegate – a person inside your organisation you’ve nominated to manage some or all of your Nest account for you.

You can decide what level of access you want to give to each delegate. The level of access can range from Full access where a delegate has access to everything on the account to Read only where they’ll be able to view everything but not make any changes.

This will also apply to a delegate organisation, the access you give to a delegate organisation will apply to all their users they assign to your account.

You can add as many delegates as you need and give them different levels of access depending on their role. We’ve provided a table of the different levels of delegated access and the tasks that can be completed by each:

Business services Read-only delegate Payments delegate Enrolment delegate General delegate Schedule delegate Full access delegate
Enrol workers into the scheme No No Yes Yes No Yes
Make contribution payments No Yes No Yes No Yes
Create and change contribution schedules  No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Make payments other than contributions No No No No No Yes
Update the employer’s business information No No No Yes No Yes
Stop using NEST No No No No No Yes
Raise complaints and respond to decisions No No No Yes No Yes
Put right late payments No Yes No Yes No Yes
Handle situations of employer insolvency No No No No No Yes
Give other delegates access to the employer’s account No No No No No Yes


Individual delegate

When you’re setting up with Nest it’s a good idea to add individual delegates from your own organisation to provide cover during holidays or unexpected absences.

To add an individual delegate you’ll just need to know their name, relationship to the organisation and their contact details. For more information on adding a delegate please see How do I add an individual delegate once I’ve set up with NEST?

Delegate organisation

You can get help from a third party to manage Nest for you, they are also known as Nest connectors. You can find out more by reading What’s NEST Connect?

The delegate organisation must create their Nest account first, before you can add them. Please see How do I set up a NEST connect account? for more information.

If you’re adding a delegate organisation, you’ll need their delegate organisation Nest ID and full organisation name. You’ll need to ask the delegate organisation for these details. To add a delegate organisation please see How do I add a NEST Connector or a delegate organisation?

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