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Which companies does my Nest pension pot invest in?

We carefully invest the money in your pension pot. That means we use it to buy lots of things we think will grow in value and boost your pot. Depending on the fund you’re in, your money invests in everything from property, to public transport projects, to wind farms. 

Some of your savings also invests in companies and we’ve made it easy for you to discover the main ones.

How do I find out what companies I invest in?

Our online tool gives you transparency about the companies you invest in. We partner with Tumelo to bring you this tool, so you can have a better understanding of where your money goes.

The tool lets you search for individual companies you invest in, or you can break it down by industry.

What if I invest in companies I don’t want to?

The companies you invest in will depend on your Nest fund. Members automatically join one of our Nest Retirement Date Funds when they start saving with us, and most stay in these funds.

You can choose a different Nest fund that matches your beliefs or faith, and can use the tool to see which companies these other funds invest in. It’s simple to check and change your fund if you decide it’s right for you.

Why can’t I see everything I invest in?

At the moment the tool shows you the companies you invest in.

If you want to see a breakdown of where else your fund is invested and the different types of investment you hold, our quarterly investment reports contain lots of useful information.

How up to date is the tool?

We want you to see the latest information about the companies you invest in and the tool’s refreshed every quarter.

Who are Tumelo?

Tumelo are a UK financial technology company, often referred to as a fintech. They built the tool and we partner with them to give Nest members like you more transparency about your savings.

Has my personal data been shared with Tumelo?

No. None of your personal details are shared with Tumelo. The tool just asks you for your Nest fund and your age. Tumelo will hold this information but you can’t be identified from it alone.

You’re asked for your age because most members are in our Nest Retirement Date Funds, and these funds invest differently depending on how old you are. So, it helps the tool show you the information that matters.

Why are you telling me this information?

Being transparent is important to us – that’s why we’re making it easier for you to get to know some of the companies you invest in. We want you to know what happens to your pot, so you feel close to your hard-earned retirement savings.

You can find out more about how we manage your money and try to grow it in the right way.

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