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What happens when I decide to stop using NEST?

Once you’ve confirmed the date when you wish to stop using NEST you’ll have to pay across all your outstanding contributions up until your agreed stop date. If there are any contributions that are still due to be paid after this date we’ll send a message to your online mailbox. In the message we’ll include a table of all the schedules that we’re expecting payment for.

We’ll still treat these schedules as normal so failure to pay or making payments late may still get reported to The Pensions Regulator (TPR).

You won’t be able to stop using NEST until all of your due contributions have been paid and have cleared in NEST’s account.

You’ll still be able to create and submit exception schedules up to your stop date. If you submit an exception schedule for payment you should ensure you’ve paid it across before your chosen date to stop using NEST.

Once your NEST account is closed we’ll not accept any further normal or exception schedule payments except for any contribution correction payments of the previously submitted schedules. Any active Direct Debit mandates associated with your scheme will be cancelled.

The member’s accounts won’t be closed and they will keep their NEST retirement pots which they’ll be able to access themselves online. They’ll still be able to view all the payments made to date and will have the option to pay direct member contributions into their NEST retirement pots. Other employers will also be able to pay contributions to the member’s retirement pots.

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