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What should I do if my business goes into administration, receivership or is subject to CVA?

At Nest, we group administration, receivership, and Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) together under non-terminal insolvency. The business is placed under the control of an Insolvency Practitioner (IP) or Official Receiver (OR) to manage the process. You’ll need to inform us of the appointed IP or OR, so we can provide them access to the account.

The employer’s Nest account will remain active and the employer, and all the active delegates on the account, will be able to carry out normal functionalities like adding new employees and submitting contributions. To notify us about administration, receivership or CVA, click ‘Organisation details’ from your Nest home page.

In the organisation details section, click ‘Insolvency’.

You'll need to enter the details of the appointed IP or OR dealing with the case to grant them access to the employer account. Leave the date you became insolvent blank, as this is not applicable.

Once you’ve entered the information click ‘Submit’.

You or your IP will need to send one of the following documents to or post it to us at Nest, Nene Hall, Lynch Wood Business Park, Peterborough PE2 6FY.

  • Notice of appointment of administrators (preferred)
  • A court issued winding up order 
  • An employer board resolution

We’ll then send an activation link to the email address of the IP or OR so they can access the Nest account.

Below is the process for dealing with the possible outcome of administration or non-terminal insolvency:

1. If the business comes out of administration, receivership or CVA

The IP or OR will need to email us on to inform us. We’ll keep your account active and we’ll also remove the IP or OR who acted as a delegate.

2. If the business is to be dissolved or becomes insolvent

The IP or OR will need to provide the date when the business is declared insolvent. Please refer to How do I notify Nest of insolvency? for more information.

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