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How can I change my payment method from direct credit to Direct Debit?

You can change from direct credit to Direct Debit in two ways:

  • edit your existing payment source
  • create a new payment source.

Direct Debit is the easiest and most convenient method of making contribution payments to NEST. As NEST uses Direct Debit by instruction so we don’t automatically take your payments on a specific day of the month. You’ll always get to approve the amount and tell us when you’re ready for the payment to be collected.

The money will never comes out of your bank account automatically. Instead we’ll wait for you to click ‘Submit schedule’ on a schedule before we take the agreed amount by Direct Debit. NEST recommends using Direct Debit as it ensures an accurate, simple and secure method of payment.

Editing an existing payment source

If you have enough time between your payment due dates, you can edit your existing payment source to Direct Debit. It will depend on how many workers you’ve enrolled as to how much time you’ll need to edit your payment source. You’ll need to make sure all your contribution schedules submitted for payment for this payment source are fully paid before the change.

If a payment source is changed before you’ve completed and paid for all contribution schedules associated with that payment source this may cause any pending payments to be refunded.

If you’re authorised to set up the Direct Debit online it will take six working days for the Direct Debit to become active. If you’re not authorised to agree the Direct Debit you can ask the person who is to authorise it online themselves if they have a NEST account login already. If they don’t have their own NEST account login, you can add them as a delegate and ask them to authorise the mandate by going to Manage payment sources from their NEST home page.

If more than one person needs to authorise the Direct Debit you’ll need to send us a paper mandate form with both signatures on it.

If you need to send a paper mandate form to us, it’ll take five working days for us to process the paper work. We’ll process the Direct Debit with your bank or building society, who will then check the mandate. It’ll take six working days for the mandate to become active.

Creating a new payment source

You can add a new payment source through your online NEST account. If you’ve already enrolled your workers you can continue paying your contribution schedules using direct credit until the Direct Debit mandate is active.

Once the Direct Debit is active you’ll need to move your workers to the new payment source using a contribution schedule. For more information on how to move your workers to the new payment source please see How do I change a member’s payment source by entering information onto the website?

If you haven’t enrolled any workers yet you’ll just need to make sure you enrol them to the new Direct Debit payment source.

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