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A quick introduction to pensions

Taking a little time now to understand how pension savings work could help you put the right plans in place so you can enjoy a better retirement.

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Understand pension saving

Learn about different types of pensions, how they work and whether they're worth saving into.

Types of pension

Why save into a workplace pension?

Discover the benefits of saving into a workplace pension and how this can fit alongside other financial commitments you may have. These include:

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Managing a pension and a mortgage

Taking out a mortgage is a huge commitment but it's one that can balance well with pension contributions.

Balancing pensions and mortgages

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Fitting pensions around other investments

Paying into a workplace pension is a great way to save for your future and can fit perfectly around your current investments.

Pensions and other investments

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Pension and debt payments

Even if you're managing debt you can still benefit from making pension contributions too.

Balancing pensions and debt


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Understanding tax relief

See how you could get extra money from the government every time you put money into your pension pot.

Tax relief benefits

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Identifying your pension pots

Getting a workplace pension is great but keeping track of all your pots can be difficult, especially if you frequently move jobs. See how you can track down and combine your pots to make them easier to manage.

Your other pensions

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Getting guidance and advice

Feel confident about your finances by knowing where to find the information that's most useful to you.

Where to find support