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Our latest thinking on the issues that matter, from responsible investment to industry news to how we put our customers at the heart of our offering.

Nick Laws

My midlife MOT

A midlife MOT is a health check for your finances. The tool helps you assess your current financial situation and helps you plan for the future.


See how the midlife MOT helped Nick take charge of his finances

The reality of retirement

While retirement is a reward for years of hard work, it comes with its own set of challenges. We spoke to several recent retirees to get their view on this major life change.

Meet Lorna, Steve, Paul and Susan

George's cornflake chicken dippers

George Longman, Nest’s investment proposition communications manager, shared one of his favourite weekend recipes.

Geogre's favourite weekend recipe

Chloe's red dahl curry

Chloe's red dahl curry

Nest’s responsible investment manager, Chloe Horne, shared a vegan red dahl curry recipe.

One of Chloe's favourite family recipes

Everyday Investor: Behind the scenes

Meet the team and find out what happened on the day of the shoot.

Read about the team's day

A brief guide to pensions for freelancers and the self-employed

Mike Burton was self-employed until he joined Nest as a content writer. Here, he shares the crucial things self-employed people need to know about pensions so they can save for retirement with confidence.

Learn about Mike's experience

Four New Year’s resolutions for your pension

It’s easy to keep putting your pension off. After all, getting older isn’t something most of us look forward to. But it pays to have a clear plan, which is why 2024 should be the year you take charge of your financial future.

Here are our top four tips to get your pension into shape