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Basics of investing your pension

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You work hard for your pension. So once you’ve paid money into your pot, we make sure it works hard for you. Discover the basics of long-term investing, and how that relates to your pension pot.

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Investing for beginners

We invest in ourselves, in our homes and our careers. So why shouldn’t we invest in our pension?

Understand the basics

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How inflation impacts your savings

We invest your money so it’s not chipped away by inflation over the years and decades to come.

Beating bank interest rates

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Taking the right amount of risk 

Learn about the fine balance between risk and reward, and how this can grow your pot. 

How to balance your risk

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Unlock the power of long-term investing

See how the power of compounding could double your final pension pot.

The power of long-term investing

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Your guide to different investment markets

Ever wondered what an investment or a market is, or where your money goes?

Discover the markets

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Protect your pension savings

Registering online with a secure password is one of the best ways to keep your pension pot safe from scammers.

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Nest pension funds

We offer pension funds tailored to different beliefs and risk appetites.

Your choice of funds

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How we invest your money

Our award-winning strategy works hard to protect your savings from falls in the market while growing it more than the rising cost of living.

Our investment approach