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Your Nest retirement date

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You’re in control of your Nest retirement date. Once you have a clear idea of when you might want to retire, it’s important you let us know so we can try to make sure your Nest pension pot is invested in a fund that best suits your plans.

We manage your pension pot very carefully based on how far you are from your planned Nest retirement date. Unless you tell us differently, we assume you’ll start taking your money out of Nest when you’re aged 65 or at your State Pension age when you joined Nest.

Managing your money to suit your retirement date 

Unless you’ve chosen a different fund, your pot is invested in the Nest Retirement Date Fund for the year you expect to retire. So, if we expect you to retire in 2025, your pot will be invested in the Nest 2025 Retirement Date Fund. 

We invest your money carefully and thoughtfully with the aim of growing it faster than the rising cost of living. We try to invest appropriately for your age and how close you are to retirement, so your pot will be ready for when you need it. 

Find out more about how Nest manages your money.

You can save your pot for later

You don’t have to start using your Nest savings as soon as you stop working. We’re living increasingly longer after retirement, with men aged 65 now expected to live to 84 on average, and women to 86. If you don’t need the money in your pot immediately, you could delay your Nest retirement date so you can take the money when you think you’ll need it instead.

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Change your Nest retirement date

You can change your Nest retirement date by logging into your Nest account.

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