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Your fund choices

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Over 99% of our members are in one of our Nest Retirement Date Funds. These award-winning funds were designed to work for most people, but you can choose to invest for different beliefs, faiths or risk appetite.

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Nest Ethical Fund

This fund is for members with specific concerns about the impact organisations have on the environment and society.

Nest Ethical Fund

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Nest Sharia Fund

This fund is for members who want an approach based on Islamic law as it relates to investing.

Nest Sharia Fund

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Nest Higher Risk Fund

This fund is for members who are prepared to take more investment risk to try and make their retirement pot grow more.

Nest Higher Risk Fund

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Nest Lower Growth Fund

For members who are very cautious while investing, so their retirement pot will be exposed to less investment risk.

Nest Lower Growth Fund

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Nest Guided Retirement Fund

An option for members aged between 60 and 70, who have at least £10,000 invested in any of our funds and want to start taking their money out of Nest.

Nest Guided Retirement Fund

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Protect your pension savings

Registering online with a secure password is one of the best ways to keep your pension pot safe from scammers.

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