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Fees and charges

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Zero fees for employers and advisers

Neither you nor your clients will pay fees to set up or use Nest.

Our mission is to be open to every company in the UK, big or small, and to all their workers. Part of that means we’re committed to a no-fee structure for advisers and employers.

Low member charges

Like all pension providers, we charge members to cover our costs.
There are two charges:

  • 1.8% charge on every contribution paid into their pot
  • 0.3% annual management charge on the total value of their pot each year

These two charges are all that our members pay. We don’t charge a fee when a member transfers in and combines their pension pots with us. Nor do we charge for changing retirement dates or switching investment funds.

How it works

If a member paid £1,000 into their pot over a year, their 1.8% contribution charge means we would deduct £18 in charges from their pot over that year.

If their total pot value was £10,000 at the end of the scheme year, we would deduct a 0.3% annual management charge of £30.

This comes to £48 in total. That’s just under 0.5% of the total value of their pot. All charges are taken from the member’s contributions or pension pot. There are no other charges to pay by either the employer or the member.

To see how much members can expect to pay over their lifetime, download our detailed projections costs and charges.

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Nest Connect puts you in control

Nest Connect allows you to quickly and easily give your clients as much help as they need. You can set up, manage or oversee the day-to-day administration of Nest for multiple clients under one account.

Nest invests billions

To make it easier to understand where Nest’s funds are invested and how we’re delivering each fund, we publish a report every quarter.