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Our values

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At Nest, we have four key values: transparency, respect, empowerment and ease.

These values are at the heart of what we believe in and we champion them inside the organisation to make Nest a great place to work. 


  • We're transparent about the way we operate and what we do with members’ money.
  • We share thinking behind key decisions between all our people.
  • We try to avoid silos and share information with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.


  • We treat everyone with equal courtesy and consideration, regardless of their position within the organisation, their background, sexual orientation, disability, faith, race or gender.  
  • We address others with courtesy and consideration, and take into account their views when discussing any piece of work or plan of action.


  • We empower our people and make them feel in control. We do this by making it possible for them to take ownership of their involvement in our mission and purpose.
  • We create an environment where our people can achieve personal development objectives alongside what is necessary for their roles.
  • We endeavour to give people the time and space to deliver their work.


  • Our employees, customers and stakeholders should find our processes and systems easy to understand, easy to use and easy to manage.
  • We work to reduce over-analysing and over-engineering solutions. 
  • We aim to remove obstacles and unnecessary barriers. 
  • We look to simplify processes, for example using plain English, clear instructions and a user-friendly support system.

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