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Fees and charges

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Nest is completely free for employers to use, and we’ve made sure that charges for members are kept low.

Because Nest is such an adaptable scheme, you’ll be able to offer clients a number of different of pricing options depending on the combination of services that you provide.

The types of business models you offer could include:

  • a complete auto enrolment service for an annual fee
  • a single set-up fee that puts your client in control
  • managing contributions as part of a wider payroll service
  • administering payments as part of your bookkeeping work

As every adviser, accountant or payroll provider is different, you’re the best person to decide which business model will suit you best. What you offer will depend completely on:

  • the type of clients you already have
  • the type of clients you want to target
  • how you want to position yourself in the marketplace
  • your capacity to offer particular services
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Work smarter with Nest Connect

Our free online hub lets you manage and support multiple clients from one account, helping you to provide cost-effective auto enrolment services.