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Our people

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We welcome diverse talent and are committed to supporting diversity, equity, inclusion and wellbeing. We also recognise the importance of diversity of thought and neurocognitive variation. Our wide-ranging benefits package is designed to suit the differing needs of our employees.

Staff surveys

We run an annual employee survey to give our people the opportunity to be heard. We listen carefully to the feedback and ensure we take appropriate action. For example, we’ve tailored our approach to flexible and agile working to fit our employees’ needs. 

Staff forum

We also have a staff forum, Your Voice, with two main objectives – to consult and to inform. Your Voice is active in raising staff issues and concerns to Nest leadership and are consulted with on any key initiatives and plans that affect employees. This ensures that any changes to the organisation or its policies have support and agreement from the employees, the people who will be impacted by them.  

As an employee at Nest, you can become a member of Your Voice. Members of Your Voice receive training on how best to run a forum, learn important communication and conflict resolution skills, develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, and have the opportunity to meet and work with senior leadership and collaborate with colleagues to make Nest a good and fair place to work.  


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Our people

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