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Employee testimonials

Image of Martell McBean in the office
testimonial "The interview was done virtually, and the interviewers were very welcoming at every stage. I was given enough time to prepare between stages and the resourcing team were regularly in contact with me, keeping me up to date with where we were in the process.

During the onboarding process my line manager regularly checked in to see how I felt and whether I needed anything before my first day. The HR operations team were in contact with me before I started to inform me of what my first week would look like.

The first month at Nest was a great experience. On my first day in the office my line manager came in to meet me. It was a very relaxed, warm and welcoming environment and instantly I could feel the lovely culture at Nest. Although most of the team work remotely, they came into the office to meet me and we went out to eat. I was introduced to all stakeholders relevant to the work that I do, and I had weekly conversations with my line manager.

Since starting at Nest, the business has been very accommodating with my situation as a parent. My line manager has supported me and I've been able to work from home and taken time out when needed to ensure that I can work around childcare. There's no pressure to come into the office which really works for me, however I do come in weekly/bi-weekly to meet up with my team, or whenever is necessary."

Martell from the Diversity and Inclusion team

Christina Mahalingham in the Nest offices
testimonial "I joined Nest in June 2023 as an executive assistant, and it has proven to be a pivotal and fulfilling choice. Nest's commitment to core values resonates with me, and the flexibility they provide for work-life balance, crucial with my three children, reflects their genuine concern for their employees.

In my initial month at Nest, each day brought forth new challenges and learning opportunities, a testament to the dynamic work environment. The trust and responsibility bestowed upon me by my managers have been invaluable, and their approachability has made my journey here both smooth and rewarding.

The encouragement to grow within the company, fuels my eagerness to advance and specialize in the future. Nest's richly diverse culture is a stimulating backdrop for utilizing and honing my skills. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of continued growth and contribution within Nest."

Christina Mahalingam

Enterprise Risk Executive Assistant

testimonial "Nest is a progressive, prestige pension firm that operates with both its employees and members best interests at heart. It works with premier investment managers across a wide and ever-growing range of public and private market universes, with a particular focus on climate transition across all investment decisions.

In my short time at Nest, I have been exposed to a huge breadth of information and investment managers, helping to vastly improve my understanding of the financial world. My colleagues have all been very pleasant and amicable and are willing to help wherever they can."

Michael Cooney

Fund Management Executive

testimonial "Even though I was stressed and scared for my first ever job the first month felt like I was already part of the team and settling in really well and getting my tasks done. Knowing the office and what to do and getting to know people was not hard as the people at Nest make you feel welcome and answer any questions you have even if they're not in the same department as you.

The flexibility of the office attendance culture is very good in my opinion as we have the option to work from home or go to the office. I feel the mix is very balanced especially when you go to the office as it feels like a catch up for work but you talk with your team too. The office is a very nice place to break the routine if you're always working from home. The flexibility does help us to get more work done especially if we have deadlines so working from home does save us time going and coming back every day.

I like working at Nest as the support for you to grow in your department is very good and the managers have your back and are keen for you to learn. They help you gain confidence in the workplace and let you have a go at things and make you believe you can do them. "

Hussein Farag

Finance Assistant

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