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Helping you talk to your workers

When it comes to talking to your workers, you're not on your own. Discover your communication toolkits and see what we send to your workers.

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Your pension duties toolkit

There are certain things you have to tell your workers about their Nest pension. Your duties toolkit contains everything you need to say.

Meet your communication duties

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Your employee engagement toolkit

Wherever a worker is on their road to retirement, you can reach them with our templates, including emails, flyers, posters and payslip notices.

Engage your workers

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How we talk to your workers

See how we engage with your workers in the right way at the right times.

Our communications


Your ongoing duties

Understand the commitment needed to complete your regular pension duties.

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Your payroll pension tasks

Get an idea of how long it takes to complete your pension tasks every time you pay your workers.

Pay period tasks

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Your management tasks

From record keeping to re-enrolment, our timeline makes it clear what's involved when it comes to running your Nest account.

Managing your workplace pension

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Open your Nest account

When you choose Nest, you're doing the best you can for the people who work with you. All with as little effort as possible.