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Our charges

We’re open to everyone. To every company in the UK, big or small, and to all their workers. Whatever kind of business you run, if you want Nest to help your workers save for their future, we will. And we won’t charge you for it.

It’s completely free for you to use Nest, and we keep charges for your workers low too.

Will I pay any fees or charges?

We don’t charge you any fees to use Nest. The only money you pay to us is the contributions for your workers’ pots. However, when you set up and run a workplace pension, there may be other costs involved. Here are some things to consider.

Using a third party

We’ve made it easy to get help with your Nest duties. If you choose to hand over tasks to a third-party administrator (TPA), such as a payroll administrator or bookkeeper, it’s likely there will be costs involved.

This could be fees for services like setting up your account or completing ongoing tasks, like managing your contributions. Every TPA is different, so it’s best you speak with them to understand their pricing model.

Payroll software

Whatever type of payroll set up you have, we won’t charge you to use it with Nest. However, if you use a payroll provider or software developer, they may charge you for providing pension payroll services to you.

Read our section on using payroll software to find out more.

What will my workers pay?

Every pension provider charges a small amount to look after a member’s savings. We provide a great value workplace pension, with a simple charging structure.

All our members pay the same low charges, made up of two parts:

  • a 1.8% charge on every contribution paid into their pot
  • a 0.3% annual management charge on the total value of their pot each year

There are no hidden fees. We won’t charge your workers to transfer their pot, change their retirement date, switch their investment fund or for any other service.

To help you understand more about what your workers will pay, we’ve put together information on our charges.

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Open your Nest account

When you choose Nest, you’re doing the best you can for the people who work with you. All with as little effort as possible.