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What you need
to sign up

You can get set up with Nest online in a few simple steps. To help you prepare your business, we’re here with a breakdown of our process and the information you need at every stage.


Step 1 – sign up for your Nest account

You get started by creating your online Nest account. This is where you get set up and complete your ongoing tasks.

Some payroll software packages can set your Nest account up for you – ask your payroll provider if they’re able to help.


Step 2 – complete your five set-up tasks

There are five set-up tasks you need to work through in your account. These are:

  • accept our terms and conditions
  • tell us information about your business
  • give details of any delegates or third-party administrators (TPAs) you’ll use to help you run your account
  • inform us how you’ll pay contributions to Nest
  • enter the date you’ll pay contributions and the contribution rate you’ve chosen

Once you’ve done these tasks, you’re ready to enrol your workers and make contributions.


Step 3 – tell your workers

As part of your legal duties, you have to inform your workers in writing about their pension rights. Your pension duties toolkit tells you what you need to send and has communication templates you can use.

How long will it take?

We asked some businesses how long it took them to sign up with us. Many employers are able to set up their Nest account in under an hour.

The time it takes is different for each business. For instance, it could take you longer if you have multiple pay periods. You’ll have multiple periods if, for example, you run weekly and monthly payrolls.

The information you need to get ready

We want to save you time by making sure you can complete our sign-up process in a single sitting. To help you do that, here’s a breakdown of the information you need to collect before you get started.

Information we need:

  • your name
  • business correspondence address
  • your email address

Information to get ready:

  • your business' legal name
  • PAYE reference
  • how many workers you currently employ
  • details of the person who makes decisions about your Nest account. You need to enter their name, correspondence address, email, job title and phone number

If other people will be helping you to manage your Nest account, you need to enter information about each one of them. This includes:

  • their name
  • business correspondence and email address
  • job title
  • business phone number

If you’re using a payroll administrator, you need:

  • the name of their organisation that they’ve registered on Nest
  • their Nest ID

Information to get ready:

  • your UK bank details
  • details of any debit card you want to use

If you’re using payroll software, it’s important that you set up your Nest account using the same pay periods you use in your software. For example, if you pay your workers monthly, you need to choose this option when you set up with us too.

You’ll usually find clear instructions within your software that explain how you set it up with Nest.

Information to get ready:

  • your pay period – this is how often you pay your workers
  • the start date of your current pay period
  • your percentage pension contribution rates
  • what part of your workers’ pay you’ll use to calculate contributions – this could be their qualifying earnings, for example.

Where can I get more information?

Now you know the basics, your step-by-step guide to signing up is here to give you more detailed information and walk you through the process.

Don’t forget, you can get support with some, or all of your duties if you want to. This includes setting up your account. Find out more about the types of help available to you.

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Open your Nest account

When you choose Nest, you’re doing the best you can for the people who work with you. All with as little effort as possible.

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