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Using delegates and
third parties

Our simple processes help thousands of businesses to use Nest every month with no problems.

If you do need a hand running your account, that’s straightforward too. You can use delegates, who can be individuals inside or outside your organisation, and you can use third parties to get the level of support you want.

Individual delegates

Giving individuals access to your business’s Nest account is simple. You can also choose what type of access you give them, including:

  • full – these delegates can control the account. They can complete all Nest tasks and add new delegates
  • general – they can help with your admin tasks but won’t have full control of the account
  • read only – delegates can’t make changes but can check everything is running smoothly

You can appoint as many individuals as you like. It’s a good idea to have at least two full access delegates. This will help make sure you have cover in case someone’s away when tasks need to be completed, or if an individual leaves your business.

Visit our help centre for more information about individual delegates.

Third-party administrators (TPA)

These are organisations that you can ask to help run your account, like a payroll administrator or bookkeeper.

Your business might already use a TPA to help you run payroll or for accountancy tasks, for example. If you do, one option could be handing over some, or all of your tasks to them. Over 200,000 employers have given a TPA access to their Nest account.

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