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Your management tasks

As part of managing your Nest account there are some administration tasks that you’re required to carry out at specific times. We explain these clearly to help you understand your responsibilities.

From the start

Once you’ve set up with Nest, you need to start doing these tasks straight away.

Keeping records

You’re required by law to keep accurate records about your workers and contributions as part of auto enrolment. The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has further information about your record-keeping duties.

Pay period duties

Our guidance helps you understand the tasks you need to complete when you pay your workers.

Every year

We send members their annual statements between April and January. It helps them to work out if their pension is on track. It’s a good idea to tell your workers that their statements are coming, and explain why they should read them.

We’ve made this easy – you can use the material in our communication toolkit, including an email template and a flyer.

Every 18 months

If you use an earnings basis other than qualifying earnings to calculate your workers contributions, you need to complete a certificate every 18 months.

An example of the certificate is available from the Department for Work and Pensions. You can find out more about certification in our help centre.

Every three years

You need to re-enrol certain workers into Nest every three years. This includes those who’ve stopped making contributions or opted out.

Our help centre tells you more about your re-enrolment duties.

On a regular basis

There are some tasks that you should do frequently to help your account run smoothly.

Manage your delegates

If you’re getting help with your pension tasks, you should regularly review the people or third-party administrators (TPA) that you’ve given access to your Nest account. It’s especially important that anyone who leaves your business or your TPA has their access removed.

You can set up and remove delegates at any time, and change what they can and can’t do in your account.

Check your details

It’s important that the employer details that we hold for you in your Nest account are accurate and up to date. You should regularly review your:

  • company name – we should hold the same name that’s recorded with Companies House
  • address and all other contact details
  • your PAYE references

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