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How we talk to your

Businesses can’t always answer every pension question they get from their workers. Nest is here to provide support.

We engage with workers throughout their pension saving journey, in a way they understand. By informing workers in the right ways at the right times, they’re less likely to need help from their employers.

The way we talk

Around 1 in 3 UK workers save with Nest. That means our members have a wide range of ages, professions, salaries and locations. Whoever we talk to, we take the same straightforward approach.

Our plain-language communications are constructive and aim to make workers feel confident about their future. We cut through the complexity and don’t hide behind technical terms. We speak with a human voice, because pensions matter to workers, and we really want to connect with them.

What we say

Here are some of the ways we reach out to workers when they’re saving with Nest.

The basics

There are certain things we have to tell your workers about their Nest pension. Just because it’s mandatory information it doesn’t mean it has to be boring, or full of jargon.

Whether it’s a welcome letter, annual statement or retirement pack, our statutory communications are always clearly presented and easy for your workers to understand.

Example of Nest statutory comms

Engagement emails

We go above and beyond just sending out what we need to. Our regular emails engage workers with their pension pot and help them to plan for their future.

We encourage workers to do things like:

  • log in to their account for the first time, so they can take control of their savings
  • update their contact details, to make sure we can always get in touch about their money
  • see how their pot’s invested and how it positively impacts the world


Busy workers don’t want to spend their time searching websites for information about their pension. That’s why we built a site that clearly sets out the basics and created a help centre packed with articles answering common questions.

Nest PAW Retirement landing page

Your workers can use our practical online tools too, like a pensions calculator that estimates how much their pot could be worth. They’ll also find educational videos covering important topics, such as how to protect against scams.

Financial wellbeing

We want your workers to find the right support when they have questions about any of their finances, not just their pension. Our site links your workers to free and independent guidance available from MoneyHelper on a range of topics, including debt, other investments and budgeting.

Always by your side

We’re passionate about pensions. And about the latest research that can help you engage your workers. When we discover new insights, we share them with you.

Take our video series about behavioural science, for example. It clearly explains to you why some engagement approaches just don’t work, and which ones can be effective in your workplace.

Don’t forget, we’ve created an engagement toolkit for you too. So, together we can be there for your employees at every stage of their savings journey.

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How we support you and your workers

Our informative help centre and multiple support channels mean that we’re here for you and your workers when you need us.

The help we provide