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Alan Hewitt, Owner, The Bustard Inn

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Alan Hewitt has a lot to think about. So he wanted to give his employees a pension scheme without giving himself too much extra work.

Alan Hewitt, Owner, The Bustard Inn


"Nest is designed to be very simple. The actual registration process was simple. It allowed me to fulfil the compliance issues that we have to do."

Alan Hewitt has owned The Bustard Inn with his wife for 11 years. He retired at quite a young age, moved to South Rauceby and decided to buy the village pub.

A lot of his staff have been with him for such a long time that he considers them family and wants to look after them. A pension scheme means that he’s now in more of a position to do this.    

Small businesses have lots of issues to deal with so it was important that he chose a scheme that was easy for him and his employees to use. He says that with our scheme it’s simple to log in. The registration process was also straightforward. What’s more, it doesn’t take much time to manage — between 30 seconds and one minute. It’s also easy for the staff to see their own individual pots.


"The time spent managing Nest is surprisingly small."

Alan was worried that because they only had five employees no one would be interested in taking them on. But, of course, at Nest we’re not concerned about the size of the business.

With us, he also has the peace of mind in knowing that it’s the government scheme and it’s mentioned in The Pensions Regulator’s booklet. 

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