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Angela Clay,
Managing Director,

Angela Clay, Managing Director, HR:4UK

Number of employees: 14

HR:4UK is an employment and personnel specialist providing human resources and employment services to organisations throughout the UK. It employs 14 workers and had no workplace pension scheme in place before auto enrolment.

Angela Clay is HR:4UK's Managing director. She started planning about six months before the company’s staging date. She looked at what pension schemes were available and which would best suit HR:4UK. She was concerned about making sure they did everything correctly to comply with the regulations and that they got an easy and simple solution. She was also concerned about the cost implications.

The fact that Nest is free for employers to use and has low charges for members was a big factor in making the decision to use Nest. Angela was also impressed by Nest’s simplicity and online functionality. Being able to manage Nest in or outside the office is a particularly attractive feature.


"Managing Nest is so easy, it is so straightforward. It’s literally just a matter of logging in, uploading information and pressing a button. It’s very easy, it’s very simple."

Thanks to the comprehensive guidance on Nest’s website, it didn’t take much time for Angela to set up Nest and enrol her 13 workers. Now she’s set up it takes very little effort to manage. Nest is compatible with her payroll software and Nest’s streamlined systems make it easy for her to take care of it on her own.

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